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Potus: a political fantasy in three parts

How free is the US government? How liberated is the country and its citizens?

“How is it to be free? Look at it this way: When men and women came to the shores of this continent in the sixteen hundred years, they beheld a raw, unfinished land and made a commitment.”

— — Excerpts from POTUS: A political fantasy in three

TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA, Feb. 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Thomas Clinton Owen aka TC Owen has published a thought-provoking book
fiction exploring American politics and the true meaning of a freedom book titled POTUS: A
Political fantasy in three parts. The book is the story of a semi-reluctant hero acting for the
people of the United States, of the world and of the universe at large. The contestability of his election
to the presidency is balanced by his exceptional efforts to achieve a simple objective: the
restoration of freedom for the people of the United States and around the world, as well as
create it for the sensitive in the Cosmos.

This simple goal motivates him and, at the same time, frustrates him. He lives to inspire and liberate
others when at the same time he feels that inspiration weighs too much on him and diminishes his
freedom. His life is blessed with extreme joy and achievement, but more often than not, affected
with somber sadness and fear that he had accomplished nothing. He’s a man for the ages but feels
that it is insufficient for the tasks it has set itself. Its growth during the novel allows
finally make him believe that the impossible is manageable, but sometimes at a high price.

TC Owen is a retired college English instructor who has always been interested
in politics and government. What catches his attention are the ways in which politicians and
government officials act and how they try to hide their true intentions from people of this

His purpose in writing is to highlight the uses and abuses of power, as well as an entertaining speech
storyline that transcends the usual boring approach to political commentary, so the fantasy aspect
of the novel.

POTUS: A three-part political fantasy
Written by: TC Owen
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