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New single from Coheed and Cambria combines the best parts of the past – The Oswegonian

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 4, 2022

By Connor LaLone

Coheed and Cambria (“A Favor House Atlantic”) have never attempted to limit themselves to any particular genre or style, and instead produce a unique and unmistakable sound. Since the band’s formation in 1995, frontman Claudio Sanchez has become a cult following as an immensely talented musician, lyricist, vocalist and storyteller. All but one of Coheed’s albums are concept albums that revolve around “The Amory Wars”, a sci-fi storyline written by Sanchez himself.

The group released the third single from their upcoming album “Vaxis – Act II: A Window of the Waking Mind”, “The Liars Club” on February 22, picking up where they left off with “Vaxis – Act I: The 2018’s Unheavenly Creatures.” Both albums build on the already vast and lengthy story and universe of “Amory Wars.” “The Liars Club” joins the previously released “Shoulders” and “Rise Naianasha (Cut the Cord)” and, like Coheed and Cambria, the three songs are distinctly different in musical style as well as lyrical composition.

“The Liars Club” is decidedly the most “pop” sentiment of the singles released from the band’s latest album to date. It has arguably the most authentic pop-punk sound the band has created since their debut album, “The Second Stage Turbine Blade,” released twenty years ago. Sanchez’s vocals are pleasingly similar to his past performances on songs like “Blood Red Summer” or “Cuts Marked in the March of Men”, both from the 2003 release “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3”.

Lyrically, the track deals with the concept of lying and sacrificing one’s personality for the betterment of a relationship. The song’s yet-to-be-determined narrator suggests he’s more than okay pretending everything’s fine to maintain the facade of a happy, successful relationship: “Oh, you want me to lie/Cause I could , baby, I could do it / lie to you / ask me please / because life is so much better when you just avoid the truth.

Sanchez has an impressive history of crafting upbeat melodies that stand in direct contrast to the darker, more depressing lyrics they cover. “The Liars Club” is another example of a long line of tracks that have catchy musical structures despite their overwhelming and emotionally dense subject matter and meanings. The song itself is a masterful display of the incredible musicianship that Sanchez, guitarist Travis Stever, bassist Zach Cooper and drummer Josh Eppard have honed over the past two decades, with steady, technical undercurrents that have become synonymous with the group.

Ultimately, “The Liars Club” is a brilliant composition by a brilliant band, and demonstrates Coheed and Cambria’s ability to create great music that defies genres and labels. The band’s style was heavily inspired by bands like The Police (“King of Pain”) and Queen (“We Are the Champions”) and they are often compared to another band that tends to shy away from characterization, Rush ( “Resist”). . The three singles released from the album due May 27 each represent a different and unique style, representative of the band’s diversity and flexibility throughout their career. “The Liars Club” combines the pop-punk musical nature of Coheed’s early music with the intense, emotional lyricism that has defined more recent albums. The song is a masterful demonstration of the pain felt while trying to maintain a failing relationship and the efforts one will make to welcome loved ones.

Image of Coheed and Cambria by YouTube