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Mystique & Destiny’s Love Story Is Marvel’s Most Epic Tragedy

ByRandall B. Phelps

Jun 23, 2022

The following contains spoilers for Immortal X-Men #3, now on sale at Marvel Comics.

One of the most endearing elements of the X-Men franchise has always been how the series is effectively a superpowered soap opera, with the interpersonal romances and various dramas being as much a draw as the action. That extends to a newly fleshed out love story that might be one of Marvel’s best takes on a romantic tragedy.

Immortal X-Men #3 (by VC’s Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, Dijjo Lima, and Clayton Cowles) highlights what makes Mystique and Destiny such a compelling romantic epic, and reveals what makes it so tragic. Immortal X-Men #3 splits its attention between two stories – and while the majority of the story focuses on Destiny’s visions of possible futures for Krakoa, it also serves as a bittersweet exploration of its own past.

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Irene Adler, born in another era when women were intimidated by the kind of domestic life she didn’t want, ended up rebelling when she found a woman she knew she would fall in love with – Mystique, the mysterious shape and dangerous – shifter who has always been one of Marvel’s most important mutants. The two became lovers for decades, protecting each other and traveling the world. But in the present day, the two had been reunited – adopting the young runaway thief as their daughter and forming a new version of the Brotherhood of Bad Mutants.

Seeing his death at the hands of the Legion during the “Muir’s Island Saga” before it happened, Irene accepted it as a necessity for mutants to reach a point where Krakoa could be forged. But thanks to Mystique’s undying love for his wife, Destiny was eventually resurrected despite the best efforts of Moira X, Xavier, and Magneto. While this has been a unique advantage for the X-Men, Destiny is more driven by his love for his wife – of all the futures she’s glimpsed, Mystique isn’t alive in any of them. This leaves her writing one of her journals, seemingly leaving a final message for Mystique. Making Mystique promise not to read it until the right time, the issue ends with Destiny silently weeping over the dawning horror that she’ll lose her love – again.

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It’s a stark reveal and helps cement the idea that Mystique and Destiny are one of Marvel’s best tragic romances. Destiny and Mystique have truly loved each other for over a century. Not even death could stop them, as the Krakoa Era gave Mystique a chance to save the love of her life. But Destiny knowing the future – and knowing that Mystique might not have much time left, even in a world of resurrection and second chances – is heartbreaking. Further complicating the story is that Mystique and Destiny are unrepentant of their wicked past, giving their romance a selfish but understandable edge. Both characters have done horrific things in the past years, with Mystique more or less committing treason against the Silent Council in her last desperate attempt to restore Moira.

Ultimately, Mystique is a ruthless villain, even though she’s so often defined by love and an ambition to protect those she loves. One day, Mystique will have to face the consequences of her actions – which, as Destiny predicts, involve being permanently killed or removed from the board in a way that separates her from the woman with whom she has committed so much. crimes to be reunited. Mystique and Destiny are a true tragic romance, spanning centuries and crossing traditional gender roles to become a true epic. The tragic aspect of the story makes it all the more engrossing, helping to elevate everything that has come before. Mystique and Destiny’s romance is one of Marvel’s best love stories, and it’s also by far the saddest.