• Fri. Sep 23rd, 2022

Manufacturer of Land Rover Defender rival Ineos Grenadier reveals plans for second SUV

ByRandall B. Phelps

Jun 12, 2022

Ineos Automotive has confirmed plans to build a smaller version of its Grenadier SUV that will be fully electric. The plan was revealed by the company’s founder, Sir Jim Ratcliffe,

In his first video interview since the project began, Sir Jim spoke to presenter Mark Evans on the latest episode of Building The Grenadier, a series devoted to sharing the development journey of the Grenadier – dubbed the spiritual successor to the former Land Rover Defender – with customers and enthusiasts. The new model will use an all-new platform that is smaller than the Grenadier while retaining its workhorse DNA and off-road capability.

Launch times are still to be confirmed. The plans underline Ineos’ long-term commitment to the automotive industry.

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The second model range will be produced alongside the Grenadier and Grenadier pick-ups at the Hambach plant in France. Ineos continues to support hydrogen fuel cells as a clean powertrain solution for future versions of the Grenadier.

A fuel cell technology demonstrator is expected to begin on-road and off-road testing by the end of 2022. Recognized as an off-road enthusiast by Mark Evans, Sir Jim explained the reason he decided to cross step with the Grenadier project and invest a billion dollars.

“I spend time in off-road vehicles and there’s not much choice left,” he said. “There are a lot of people in the world who need to drive off-road vehicles.

“All the car companies all make luxury SUVs. They make 4x4s but not cars that you can take off-road. So there was a big hole in the market I thought.

Asked about Ineos Automotive’s future plans, Sir Jim revealed details of the smaller SUV in the works. He said: “What we are also considering, at the moment, is a smaller version of the Grenadier – electric. We have to embrace the future, which clearly in an urban environment is going to be electric.

“But even in a rural environment and you’re a farmer, you’ll probably have an electric car that you can drive on tracks and things like that, so you want one that’s capable but is electric. So I think that’s our vision at the moment.