• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Less than a third have had a covid booster shot in parts of the Midlands

Less than a third of adults have received the Covid booster in parts of the Black Country, according to the latest data.

Adoption of the third hit has been slow in many parts of the region, with many not caring at all to have it.

And in several of these regions, less than six in ten people have even received a second blow.

Covid patients in West Midlands hospitals fall as mask and vaccine rules are scrapped

‘Plan B’ restrictions have now been lifted, but the government continues to urge people to be given a reminder to ensure they have the best possible protection against coronavirus.

Daily case rates have plummeted over the past two weeks with hospital admissions also falling and those who haven’t decided to get a third shot may think there’s no need to do so. To do.

But health experts in the region insist that “now is not the time to be complacent”.

Figures showed the use of callbacks had been lowest in parts of Wolverhampton, Walsall and Smethwick.

The areas of the Black Country with the lowest booster vaccination rate are:

  • Region of Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton – 17.3% (second dose 38%)
  • Smethwick East – 24.1% (second dose 50.5%)
  • Wolverhampton Central – 29.3% (second dose 49.6%)
  • Smethwick North and West – 31.1% (second dose 58.1%)
  • Palfrey, Walsall – 31.3% (second dose 60.7%)
  • Park Lane, Wolverhampton – 32.3% (second dose 55.7%)
  • Smethwick South – 32.3% (second dose – 55.9%)
  • Heath Town, Wolverhampton – 33.2% (second dose 56.1%)
  • Walsall West – 32.7% (second dose 60.4%)
  • Low Hill, Wolverhampton – 33.3% (second dose 57.7%)

Sally Roberts, chief nurse at the Black Country and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group, said it was never too late for people to come forward and get bitten.

She said: “Even if you’ve already turned down the offer, it’s not too late to come forward, whatever dose you need.

“It’s important to remember that now is not the time to be complacent – we still have a lot of work to do as we continue to vaccinate those who have not yet received their shots.

“The vaccine gives you the best protection against Covid and remains our best defense against this virus.

“So I encourage anyone who needs a vaccine, whether it’s a first, second or booster dose, to come forward as soon as possible.”

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