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Keeley leaving AFC Richmond is the most important story (not Nate)

ByRandall B. Phelps

Feb 19, 2022

There has been speculation about what will happen to Nate after leaving AFC Richmond, but Keeley’s story after leaving the team is also important.

There has been speculation about what will happen with Nate Shelley in Ted Lasso season 3 now that he has left AFC Richmond for West Ham, but a bigger story is that Keeley Jones decides to step down as the team’s PR manager. Nate’s change in character and storylines as part of a new club will be intriguing, but Keeley’s story in Season 3 is worth mentioning. Although Nate’s betrayal and departure was an important part of the Ted Lasso season 2 finale, Keeley’s future career plans are also to be anticipated in the upcoming season.

All along Ted Lasso season 2, Keeley has been hard at work as head of marketing for AFC Richmond, doing his best to secure brand deals for players. In Season 2, Episode 12, the season finale, the investors behind Bantr, the dating app that Keeley is promoting, reveal to Keeley that they are interested in funding his own PR business. After an emotional conflict and with encouragement from Higgins and Rebecca, Keeley decides to leave AFC Richmond and take on this new job.


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Even though Nate leaving AFC Richmond has been a topic of discussion since the end of Ted Lasso season 2, arguably Keeley’s departure is a bigger storyline in the show. Leaving AFC Richmond will help Keeley’s character grow and change, but it will also open the door to new characters for her to interact with. In the season 2 finale of Ted LassoRebecca, who has developed a close friendship with Keeley over the past two seasons, gives Keeley some advice: “A little advice on being a boss. Hire your best friend.” It’s possible Season 3 will introduce a character as Keeley’s best friend, giving her the chance to strike up another interesting relationship on Ted Lasso. There may also be other employees cast in order to complement Keeley’s new workplace. Keeley being the boss of her own company is a fun change for the character, and it will be interesting to see the types of employees she ends up hiring as well as the dynamic she has with them.

Keeley started her own PR agency in Ted Lasso season 3 also means she will have her own clients to work with. Now that she is no longer working with AFC Richmond, Keeley has a wider range of clients to choose from. There are actresses, musicians, models or even other athletes that Keeley could represent as clients of the company. Ted Lasso could invent fictional celebrities for Keeley to portray, or he could incorporate real celebrities, as he did in season 2 with the cameos of Gary Lineker and Thierry Henry in Coach Beard’s dream in episode 9, “Beard After Hours”, or the actual football commentators Roy worked with Soccer Saturday before returning to AFC Richmond as an assistant coach. Whether the show uses real celebrities, fictional celebrities, or a mix, it will be interesting to see how Keeley interacts with new clients.

Fans have been speculating about the fate of Roy and Keeley’s relationship next season, and Keeley’s departure for a new job could affect their relationship, especially since she’ll be busy running her own business. Nate betraying Ted and leaving the team will greatly affect the plot, but on a personal level Keeley leaving the team is more important because it will affect Roy. The couple struggled to Ted Lasso season 2 because Keeley felt like she had no space with Roy because she saw him at work and at home, so it’s possible that having her own job separate from Roy could be good for the couple . Nate doesn’t have romantic relationships like Keeley’s, so the stakes aren’t as personal. Her storyline isn’t insignificant, but Keeley’s storyline has potential for exciting new characters as well as relationship development.

Ted Lasso Season 3 is sure to shake things up, especially because creators Ted Lasso say it’s the final season. AFC Richmond won’t be the same after Nate’s departure, but more importantly, it won’t be the same now that Keeley is gone. However, Keeley is about to begin a new character journey that is sure to be intriguing to watch.

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