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Ireland weather: Met Eireann predicts parts of the country will sizzle in 26C sunshine this Friday

ByRandall B. Phelps

Jun 14, 2022

Met Eireann is forecasting highs of 26C in parts of the country just in time for the weekend.

Friday appears to be the best day of the week currently as temperatures are forecast to soar into the mid-20s in Leinster and Munster.

Today (Tuesday June 14) will be cloudy, but dry, this morning and the north and west will see some light rain.

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A Met Eireann forecaster said: “Mainly dry and cloudy early this morning. Many areas will remain dry for the day and occasional bright or sunny spells will develop, but it will remain fairly cloudy in Connacht and Ulster with some light rain or drizzle at times.

“High temperatures of 14 to 19 degrees in a light to moderate south to southwest breeze.

“It will become drier in most places overnight, with some sunny spells, but light rain or drizzle is possible at times near the west and northwest coast. Lowest temperatures 9 to 13 degrees with breezes Southern or variable light conditions allowing corrective localized mist and fog to develop.

Wednesday will see temperatures rise, but again the west and northwest of the country will experience more muted conditions that will continue into the night.

“Most areas will be dry with sunny spells on Wednesday. However, it will be cloudier with scattered showers in the west and northwest. Highest temperatures 15 to 21 degrees, hottest in the south and east, with a light to moderate south to southwest breeze.”

Thursday will be another hot day, with rain expected only in the northwest of the country.

The weather forecast on Met.ie reads: “Hot and dry with sunny spells in the south and east of the country. Temperatures here reach 18-22 degrees. Further north-west it will be cloudy with bouts of rain and high temperatures of 14 to 17 degrees C. Light to moderate southerly winds.”

Friday is currently predicted to be the hottest day of the week as temperatures could hit 26C.

Parts of Ireland will see highs of 26C this Friday

Met Eireann says: “Dry, warm and sunny in Leinster and Munster. Cloudier and cooler in Connacht and Ulster, with scattered showers, mostly near the north and west coasts at first, but extending farther east. inland later in the day.

“Highest temperatures are usually 20-26 degrees, hottest in Leinster and Munster, but temperatures only reach the mid-teens near the west and north-west coast. Light to moderate winds from the south to southwest, veering west to northwest later.”

As for the weekend, Saturday will be a cooler day with highs of 13C to 17C with sunny spells and some showers.

Sunday will be mostly dry. The southeast will see the best of the sun with temperatures reaching the low twenties, but it will be cooler and cloudier everywhere else.

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