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Inside an abandoned mall littered with shards of glass and mannequin parts – Reuters

ByRandall B. Phelps

Jun 5, 2022

The Brands on Sale shopping center in Campbelltown, Sydney, has been closed for over a decade and TikTok users are sneaking inside to show off what it looks like after being empty for so long

The $65 million mall has been abandoned since 2010 when it closed about 12 months after opening

In 2009, a £38 million shopping center opened in Sydney and closed 12 months later.

The Brands on Sale mall in Campbelltown has stood empty ever since and now the site has become an area of ​​interest for TikTokers.

The abandoned building is explored by social media users showing what the place looks like after being empty for more than ten years.

TikToker and YouTuber @xistfilm were the latest content creators to visit the site.

Taking viewers on a guided tour, @xistfilm offered a glimpse into abandoned stores.

The video shows parts of the building in total darkness.

While some areas are lit with natural light, many areas of the mall lack lighting, which gives the place an eerie feel.

As the camera wielder enters the building via a flight of stairs, he uses a torch to illuminate the path that would otherwise not be visible.

Inside, the walls around the mall are covered in graffiti and shards of broken glass can be seen strewn across the floors.

The apocalyptic scene shows the railings over the missing First Food, but most of the storefronts remain despite being empty.

The video shared on YouTube even takes viewers back in time a bit as older products find their way into stores.

The Brands on Sale mall in Campbelltown has been abandoned since 2010


TikTok / @xistfilm)

On TikTok, the creator showed a glimpse of what the mall looks like now


TikTok / @xistfilm)

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While exploring the building, the filmer spots Apple accessories on the floor that are compatible with the iPhone 3 and iPad 2, commenting, “Oh my god, they’re that old.”

Clips appear to show the mall looking slightly creepy, but the creator says he doesn’t feel scared in the empty building.

As he explores, he says, “It’s absolutely not creepy or scary about this place, to be honest, whatsoever, because it’s so new.”

Further into the building, the skylight is broken and an elevator door is bent out of its normal shape.

A number of objects litter the ground, including the arm of a mannequin.

Although it has been empty for so long, the building has yet to be refurbished.

But it was reported last year that the site would eventually be demolished and replaced by 800 homes.

First opened in 2009, The Brands on Sale mall went into receivership in 2010 as many retailers operated on the site.

@xistfilm said on TikTok that they don’t condone going to abandoned places, but asked everyone who visits to respect the area.

Other TikTokers have visited the mall and as more videos have been created, the building seems to be getting more and more derelict.

One user commented on @xistfilm’s TikTok video: “It gets more and more destroyed every time someone posts a video of it.”

The mall is partly lit by natural light in some areas


TikTok / @xistfilm)

TikTokers visiting the site could encourage others to explore it as well and spread the word about the location.

But as thousands continue to watch the videos, there is clearly huge interest in seeing what derelict buildings like The Brands on Sale mall look like inside.

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