• Wed. May 25th, 2022

High Capacity Sample Concentrator Improves Laboratory Productivity Labmate Online

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 1, 2022

Processing up to 100 samples at a time, Organomation’s MULTIVAP evaporator is a high capacity sample concentrator designed to reduce sample preparation time for busy labs. Interchangeable sample racks increase throughput, allowing the next batch of samples to be preloaded into a spare rack. Racks can be exchanged in seconds after concentration is complete.

Like the rest of Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators, the MULTIVAP combines nitrogen purging and a heated water bath to accelerate solvent evaporation. Proven nitrogen purge technology effectively dries samples with minimal impact on delicate analytes. Digital time and temperature settings give full control over the evaporation process.

In addition to speed, the MULTIVAP is also designed for ease of use. A nitrogen distribution network distributes gas flow evenly to all sample tubes, ensuring that all samples evaporate at the same rate. The nitrogen purge network effortlessly aligns even the smallest sample tubes, saving setup time. When it’s time to start concentrating, a single switch starts and stops the flow of nitrogen through the system.

See how the MULTIVAP has saved time and money for a state toxicology lab streamlining the preparation of thousands of samples per month.

Since 1959, Organization has been a leading expert in benchtop evaporation. The company specializes in the parallel evaporation of small samples up to 50 ml each. Organomation’s sample concentrators are used in laboratories around the world.