• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Go ahead: write your story! | neighborhood supplement

ByRandall B. Phelps

Feb 12, 2022

Writers are often asked how they get their ideas. I also wonder. Is there a large warehouse with endless shelves of subjects awaiting expansion? If so, my supply is sitting on a boat somewhere off the coast of China.

Most people tell stories, but some prefer to express their thoughts in writing. Guilty as charged. Black and white words provide better documentation and leave little room for embellishment.

However, the spoken word conveys more emotion, whether horrific or humorous. A printed history is intact through the generations. An oral interpretation could turn the 3-inch fish into a 20-foot shark when told to later generations. My family loved to hear Grandpa Rueb tell stories, even remembering the names of his draft horses. Then we realized he was over 100 years old and no one could dispute the validity of his stories.

Stories surround us in families, friends, even as we listen to the local pub and grill. Everyone has a story. Not so long ago, media, newspaper and radio reports were trustworthy. Now the words “fake news” are flying past (and past) us. People would sit and have discussions about politics, religion, and other personal beliefs without beating the table (well, there was Kruschev), shouting opinions, or threatening to take another for their beliefs. What happened? Have we forgotten how to listen to the other side? When did it become fashionable to be right all the time?

Here’s another fact about writers: Most of their stories are born out of frustration…or a desire to recognize the good.

February is a month for love. Take a pen, pencil or pencil and write a story. Bare your soul, whether it’s telling someone you love them, saving a favorite memory for later, or telling a tale of love. As an unknown writer once said, “In the end, we are all stories.”

Go ahead… write your own.