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Documentary video of lived experiences or “Story of my life” at the Immortality project to inspire future generations

ByRandall B. Phelps

Feb 23, 2022

Project Immortality is the first initiative of its kind that gives people a platform to share their life stories through videos and podcasts. Stories of triumphs and struggles serve to inspire future generations. It encourages content about lived experiences, including military service and disabilities.

According to announcements posted by Project Immortality and artist author Matt B Lewis, the project encourages every individual with an interesting story to share a “story of my life” documentary video. Content rich in gleanings and lessons learned from lived experience is intended to be preserved for posterity so that people can learn from it.

The project aims to be a platform for anyone with amazing stories to tell. Project Immortality transcends all nationalities and cultures, capturing remarkable stories of everyday people who have overcome pain, sadness and loss through videos, podcasts and a time capsule. It features lives that bring joy, a sense of pride, and an appreciation for heroism. Project Immortality is the first initiative of its kind that allows anyone to tell their story without anything being written or edited.

It has two main purposes. The first is to understand future generations of how their families lived. This historically accurate information will provide proper perspective and a sense of pride in one’s heritage. The second goal is to provide a bigger platform with greater reach for those who have lived with mental health issues, domestic violence, PTSD, homelessness, LGBTIQ, refugee status, disabilities , etc The platform seeks to honor Australian veterans and encourages them to share experiences. Project Immortality is developing mobile apps and streaming services to expand the accessibility of this initiative, with a planned launch of the new site in late June.

Project Immortality’s feature film category, Salute to Service, plans to be a repository of documentary videos to showcase the life stories of serving and retired soldiers from across the country. Project Immortality has access to over 2000 stories to date In the protagonist’s own words, the stories will highlight the experiences of each major conflict, including the ups, downs, challenges of deployments, accomplishments, effects of the service on the people at home and the effort required. assimilate into civil society. The platform provided by this project honors soldiers and their families and creates awareness of the good work the services do in times of war and peace.

For more information, visit https://projectimmortality.com.au/

Project Immortality will benefit everyone in multiple community sectors, provide a much-needed channel for community engagement, and provide a safe forum for support and understanding. Artist author Matt B Lewis of Project Immortality said: “Project Immortality will also feature a wide range of individual stories from all sectors of our diverse community, contributing to a better understanding of Australian heritage, and will provide both a subjective view of individual stories and a holistic view of our history. Anyone wishing to share their story can contact Project Immortality Pty Ltd through our website.

As a master storyteller, I meet a lot of amazing people. Often they have such diverse and interesting stories. The stories they tell are full of a depth and strength of character that need to be shared, but they fall by the wayside because people don’t feel they are worth telling. It is a mistake. I have kids myself and I often tell them stories about my dad, such an amazing man, but I just can’t do him justice, I can’t remember all the amazing things he did , and I even forgot what his voice sounded like. It was for this reason that I felt Project Immortality should be created.

About the company:

Project Immortality is an initiative started by author artist Matt B Lewis and Michael Faydherbe to create a web platform and mobile app for those with real life stories to tell. Project Immortality will record them for posterity and provide an appreciation of what our parents and fellow human beings go through to lead dignified lives.

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