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Critical Lies and Deceit Season 1

ByRandall B. Phelps

Mar 5, 2022

This Netflix Lies and Deceit Season 1 review is spoiler-free.

If you watched Netflix Incredible, then you will be familiar with a story like Lies and deceptions. The mentioned series has become popular on the streaming service for its pursuit of the truth. While fictional stories aren’t reality capsules, the truth behind them can be hard-hitting. Lies and deceit is impactful in itself.

The story follows Laura, who, after a seemingly successful date with Xavier, wakes up confused the next day. Her memory of the previous night seems hazy and difficult to understand. After consulting a close friend, she realizes that Xavier raped her. However, when Xavier claims she misremembers the night, the series becomes a journey of truth, with Laura having to lead an investigation herself while the police stand hesitantly on the sidelines, unsure which statement to believe.

Lies and deceit represents the problem in the modern justice system when it relates to crimes of sexual assault. The case of sexual assault evidence is not lightly in the justice system. Credibility becomes a heartbreaking factor and the pressure is often on the woman rather than the man. She needs to be questioned, she needs to make detailed statements, and she needs to maneuver through the unwanted and unwarranted shame that comes with going to the police about such a heinous crime.

It can’t be a coincidence that Lies and deceit frames the story in a way where it is difficult to understand the truth. The series wants audiences to understand how the process usually works. But that’s the stigma of the problem. We demand that victims of sexual assault be heard, but we focus on the small details rather than hearing their story. The Netflix series sums up the issues nicely, and with a brilliant cast behind it, the story is certainly a dark horse.

With six chapters, Lies and deceit is an interesting case study and a story that brings sobering truth.

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