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Chloe BBC ending explained and is it based on a true story?

ByRandall B. Phelps

Feb 9, 2022

If you’re hoping for Chloe BBC’s ending to be explained to you, you’re not alone as the psychological thriller’s intense final scenes left us in shock.

Anyone sad Erin Doherty won’t be in The Crown season 5 but can’t help but wonder if No Return is a true story and take in all the details in Trigger Point ITV, so her performance and the Chloe’s spooky plot make this a must-watch. Erin stars as Becky who delves into the life of her old friend Chloe Fairbourne after her death and soon discovers that nothing you see online is as perfect as it seems. After not speaking for years, Becky received missed calls from Chloe on that fateful day. It’s not something she’s willing to give up on and it doesn’t take long for major reveals to emerge before *that* finale.

Here we give you Chloe BBC’s ending explained and reveal whether or not this chilling thriller is based on a true story after all…

Chloe BBC drama with Erin Doherty

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Chloe BBC ending explained – what happened in Chloe Episode 6?

From the moment the trailer for the BBC and Amazon Prime show Chloe landed, it was clear that viewers had to prepare for a dark journey of deception and betrayal. While some viewers are still facing an agonizing wait until Episode 6 of Chloe airs on TV, others have probably already watched the series as a catch-up. This probably left many people hoping to see Chloe BBC’s ending explained after it ended in a typically dramatic style.

Thriller fans who loved the twists and turns of The Tourist ending and The Teacher may have quickly realized that Chloe and Elliot’s marriage was far from perfect, despite how it was portrayed on Instagram. And in the end, we know how bad things went, as it’s revealed that Elliot was controlling his wife, separating her from Livia, and leaving Chloe desperate to escape.

It turns out that Chloe was secretly taking birth control to avoid conceiving Elliot’s child and had escaped Elliot’s work drinks. But she made a tragic oversight by leaving the key to the static caravan she had acquired on the bottom along with the cash-filled box she had withdrawn on her husband’s behalf.

Not having enough money to get to the trailer, she went to her parents when Elliot extorted her location from her mother. On the last night of Chloe’s life, she had tried to escape, with her mother and Elliot claiming that she had fallen. Whether or not he was directly involved in this isn’t entirely clear, but her husband’s behavior certainly got her there.

BBC drama Chloe with Poppy Gilbert and Billy Howle

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In Chloe’s biting finale, Becky tries to leave Elliot with his stuff, only to confront him after finding out he’s locked the front door. Demanding an explanation from his former girlfriend, Becky denies she owes him anything, but Elliot won’t be swayed by bitter accusations. He suggests that Becky was back in his late wife’s life, trying to convince her to leave him (which she probably would have done).

Becky remains firm saying, “She wanted to leave you because you made her feel small. And helpless. And scared”, before telling her that when it comes to being loved by her “at least [she doesn’t] they have to be chased off a cliff”.

It’s safe to say that Elliot doesn’t react well to this and for a moment viewers might worry that Becky is about to meet a terrifying end like her old friend. In the end, she leaves in her car, with him chasing her down the driveway.

BBC Casting Chloe

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And he’s not about to get off so easily as Becky creates a new post on Chloe’s Instagram profile sharing audio of him yelling at her after she made her accusations. Livia and Becky continue to talk and it looks like Elliot is facing serious repercussions after the video as the two women watch Chloe’s cash register and her practice attempt to forge Elliot’s signature to withdraw the money.

Becky ended the show knowing that Chloe had tried to reach out to her old friend. Chloe’s letter expressing regret that they ever drifted apart after attending separate schools makes Becky realize why she called her that day.

Is Chloé inspired by a true story?

With so many thrillers, including Landscapers and The Manhunt The Night Stalker based on true cases, it’s all too easy to wonder if Chloe is based on a true story. Luckily for anyone worried after the truth about what happened to Chloe Fairbourne on the show, the BBC and Amazon Prime Video series is actually revealed. fictional.

Chloe is writer Alice Seabright’s first series for the BBC, though she’s perhaps best known for her brilliant work on Netflix’s hit Sex Education. She was joined on Chloe by co-writers Kayleigh Llewellyn, Poppy Cogan and Bolu Babalola.

Chloe BBC with Poppy Gilbert

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While the focus on social media and the finale reveal that Chloe and Elliot’s relationship was abusive certainly reflect powerful real-life issues, they’re not directly based on specific events. Given the cast’s performances and Chloe’s believable themes, it’s no surprise some might have thought it was based on a true story.

Speaking to the BBC after the casting announcement, Alice revealed: “All of these characters have been a dream to write, and now it feels like they’ve found their kindred spirits in our incredible cast. I can’t wait to start bringing the series to life with them, and with our wonderful crew.”

How many episodes of Chloe BBC are there and how to watch

The psychological drama Chloe has six episodes and airs on 9pm on BBC One on Sundays and Mondays. The next episode, Chloe Episode 3, will air on Sunday, February 13, but if you’re not here to watch it live, that doesn’t mean you can’t be drawn into the grim storyline. All episodes of Chloe are now available on BBC iPlayer, as are other shows like BBC Showtrial and This is Going to Hurt.

Anyone already looking forward to experiencing the BBC’s Chloe for themselves but living outside the UK will soon be able to enjoy the full series on Amazon Prime Video. The service has co-produced Chloe with the BBC and while an exact Amazon Prime release date has yet to be confirmed, it’s believed it won’t be too far off.

Unfortunately, if you’re abroad when Chloe BBC airs, you won’t be able to watch it or catch up on the show on BBC iPlayer until you get home, thanks to regional restrictions. Luckily, there is a simple fix and you can use a VPN to continue watching this chilling drama. It is a handy piece of software that changes your IP address so that you can access on-demand content or live TV as if you were at home.

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So the next time you have a spare moment, why not settle in and embark on this intriguing psychological thriller? Now that you know the full explanation of the ending, there are sure to be some brand new details you never noticed the first time coming out of the shadows…