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Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer Continues The Clone Story

ByRandall B. Phelps

May 29, 2022
The titular characters of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, on an alien planet.

Screenshot: Lucasfilm/Disney+

On the last day of Star Wars Celebration 2022, Lucasfilm and Disney+ released the trailer for the second season of the hit animated series. Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It continues the story of a group of “defective” Galactic Army clones who are on a journey to become more than obsolete as the Empire grows.

During the season two panel, a short clip from the season premiere was shown of Omega and Tech on a beach, trying to get their ship airborne, but their efforts are hampered by the arrival of creatures resembling crabs. The new season will kick off with a short time jump, and our heroes will all be sporting new looks to show it off – Omega gets a helmet, for example, while Hunter sports a cute scarf. As the trailer shows, the lot have their work cut out for them trying to find a place in the galaxy. They go face even greater threats, but find at least one potential new friend to be made in the form of Commander Cody, which we’ll ultimately find out what he did.

We were left a lot of questions After last season’s finale and the revival of Tech, Wrecker, Omega, Hunter, and Echo, we’re starting to see a bit more clarity. More specifically, we are interested in find the Kaminoan scientist Nala Se and find out exactly what they’re doing at Mount Tantiss on planet Wayland, which brings an important place of ancient star wars expanded universe. Last season, the Omega and the band ran into some familiar faces like Fennec Shand, who we recently saw live on Boba Fett’s Book. I’m extremely curious who else we might see pop up as the Clone Crew stories begin to intersect with the star wars galaxy at large.

The bad batch will return to Disney+ this fall.

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